Courtney Cullen

Courtney Cullen


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Courtney joined the DWM Audiology team at the end of 2022, returning to her home in Melbourne after working at Gippsland Audiology and Eastern Audiology for 3 years.  Courtney is passionate about helping her patients understand their ear/hearing condition(s) and rehabilitate their communication ability with a personalised and thorough approach.  She feels proud to work at DWM Audiology where the ethics of the clinic are in line with her own values and ethics, and where she has excellent resources to support patients with a variety of ear and hearing related concerns.

Courtney has experience in a variety of areas of audiology including: diagnostic hearing assessments for both children and adults, hearing aid fitting and fine-tuning, wax removal using microsuction, hearing protection fitting and tinnitus management.  Courtney enjoys working with other health professionals in the field such as Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to provide management and diagnosis of those with complex ear/hearing conditions including the fitting/programming of implantable hearing devices. 

  • Bachelor of Applied Science, La Trobe University 2020
  • Master of Clinical Audiology, La Trobe University 2020

Courtney enjoys all areas of audiology and appreciates having a variety of work.  She is passionate about delivering a  high quality and thorough service, and support to patients during their aural rehabilitation journey.  Courtney also enjoys seeing children for diagnostic hearing assessments and has an interest in the medical/diagnostic side of audiology; including working closely with ENT Specialists.