Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

During the hearing aid fitting appointment, you will be taught:

  • how to operate your hearing aids
  • how to insert and remove them from your ears
  • how to change the batteries and filters

Your fitting package will include an instruction booklet and the accessories needed for maintenance. You will be provided with cleaning and maintenance information.

Ideally, invite a support person to attend this appointment with you, so they can help you remember details.

Adjustment to Your New Hearing Aids

Once you get your new hearing aids, expect an adjustment period to get used to the daily care and at-home maintenance of your hearing aids.  Give yourself time to feel adept at handling, cleaning and maintaining them.  Your support person can help confirm that you are inserting and handling your hearing aids correctly. 

We will provide the ongoing guidance and support you need.  Following the purchase of your hearing aids, you will be provided at no additional cost with as many appointments as needed for 12 months after hearing aid fitting.  This allows us time to carry out our approach to hearing aid fitting where you are gently eased into the level of amplification required for optimal speech intelligibility. 

Over this period, we work closely with you to complete the fine-tuning of your hearing aids.  We provide experienced, highly skilled and empathetic support to determine whether any difficulties are due to the need for adjustment of your hearing aid programming or are due to the process of relearning – requiring “brain normalisation” time. 

You keep seeing us until an optimal level of hearing aid programming has been achieved, you have successfully adapted to the amplification from your hearing aids, and they are comfortably and happily being worn.

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