Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aids In Melbourne

A hearing aid is a miniaturised amplifying device worn at the ear to assist people with hearing loss. Hearing aids are part of a hearing rehabilitation program. They require personalised fine-tuning and ongoing maintenance support to achieve optimal results.

Our Melbourne-based hearing clinic provides a patient-centred service that is respectful of individual patient preferences, needs and values. We believe that our patients should be given the necessary information and guidance to make their own hearing aid decisions.
We provide hearing assessments and a wide range of hearing aid services.
We also receive many enquiries with regard to successful hearing aid fitting from both the medical profession and hearing aid users wanting a second opinion on their current hearing aids. It seems that despite the rapidly changing improvements in hearing aid technology, too many hearing aids are used infrequently in the wider community. This often results in disappointment at the level of benefit obtained.

To ensure our patients obtain a successful hearing aid fitting, we consider the following appointments and services essential:

  • A detailed diagnostic hearing loss and communication assessment. This evaluates realistic hearing aid expectations and enables thorough, personalised hearing aid programming.
  • Extensive follow-up Audiological support.
  • Ongoing maintenance support

Over the first months, we work closely with you to complete the fine-tuning of your hearing aids. We ensure they are optimally matched to your individual communication and listening requirements and support your adaptation to amplification.

Hearing Aid Satisfaction In Our Clinic

Surveying carried out independently of our clinic has allowed us to compare how we perform compared to the group average of other participating audiology clinics in Australia. Results have shown that our patients indicate high levels of satisfaction with their hearing aids and the services we provide.

Our patients consistently provide us with highly positive feedback about:

  • The support they are given while they adapt to their hearing aids
  • Their hearing aid performance
  • The expert, personalised fine-tuning they receive
  • The ongoing maintenance support we provide.

As a result, our patients wear their hearing aids!

We have patients who have been coming to us for many years. They recommend their friends and family to our clinic, so we have a high rate of word of mouth referral.

Hearing Aid Services

Our hearing aid services include:

  • Hearing assessments to determine whether you need hearing aids. 
  • Fully independent guidance, choice, and selection of the latest hearing aids. We select hearing and listening devices from all suppliers in Australia. Learn more about choosing hearing aids.
  • Hearing aid fitting and expert, personalised hearing aid fine-tuning. Learn more about fitting and fine-tuning hearing aids. 
  • Support while adapting to amplification. Our approach to hearing aid fitting allows you to be gently eased into the level of amplification required for optimal speech intelligibility. Learn more about adapting to your hearing aids
  • A second opinion to verify if you are receiving optimal results from your current hearing aids. I.e. Independent evaluation and fine-tuning of your hearing aids.
  • A comprehensive hearing rehabilitation program. This includes as many appointments as needed for 12 months after fitting at no additional cost.
  • A comprehensive hearing aid cleaning and maintenance service at no cost. Learn more about cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids. 

For more information on our hearing aid services, contact us today.

Ongoing Successful Use of Hearing Aids

We recommend an annual review of your hearing levels to check for any changes in hearing. In this way, adjustments can be made to ensure your hearing aids keep matching your hearing loss. You are encouraged, however, to arrange a hearing assessment at any time if you suspect a change in your hearing has occurred.

A build-up of wax in your ear canals can damage your hearing aids, as well as affect hearing aid performance. An increase in feedback from your hearing aid(s) may indicate that wax removal is required.

You will need to ensure your hearing aids are well maintained.

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