Getting Used To Hearing Aids

Adapting To Hearing Aids

Because of the gradual onset of most hearing losses, a person with a hearing loss may not realise their concept of “normal” hearing continues to change as their hearing loss develops. Additionally, our brain subconsciously selects and highlights sounds that are important to us. Unimportant sounds are heard, but not fully perceived, unless we consciously pay attention to them.

How To Get Used To Hearing Aids

When you are being fitted with new hearing aids, your concept of “normal” hearing and the process of subconscious selection will need to be relearnt. If you are being fitted with hearing aids for the first time, you will hear sounds that you may not have heard for a long time.

Environmental sounds can seem unnaturally prominent or noticeable for the first few weeks. It takes time for the brain to re-learn all these sounds, which is why we gently ease you into the level of amplification you need.
It takes time to get used to the feel of your hearing aids/moulds/domes in your ears and the effect they have on your ear canal resonance. They need to fit comfortably in your ears and not move out of your ears with jaw movement. Audiological support over this initial period is essential.

How Long To Get Used To Hearing Aids?

The adaptation or adjustment period may last up to a few months. We work closely with our patients over this period to:

  • Provide support as you adapt to amplification
  • Complete the fine-tuning of your hearing aids, so they are optimally matched to your individual communication and listening requirements. Your aim is to have what you hear through the hearing aids become “normal”.

Wearing your hearing aids most of the time will ensure that you adapt more quickly, and your concept of “normal” hearing will be successfully redefined. As a result, you will become reliant on your hearing aids and will find it harder to communicate without them. This is an inevitable part of a successful hearing aid fitting and does not mean that hearing aid use has aggravated your level of hearing loss

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