Earplugs and Hearables

Earplugs are useful for protecting your ears from noise and from water. 

Noise is defined as any disturbing or unwanted sound.  It can affect people’s health, quality of life and the ability to sleep.


  1. Do you struggle to hear in background noise?  Talk to us about off-the-shelf hearable devices that can be adjusted to your needs and your hearing levels – these are available as earbuds or headphones. 
  2. Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  3. Do you need to keep water out of your ears?  Are you prone to swimmer’s ear?
  4. Are you a musician or do you attend motorsports?  Do you need hearing protection at work?

Hearable Earbuds

Hearables are “smart” earbuds that can enhance hearing – they are a cross between wireless Bluetooth earbuds and traditional hearing aids.  Active noise cancellation, feedback cancellation and directional microphones are some of the hearing aid technologies that are now available in these hearing enhancement earbuds.  

Hearables are intended to provide support in difficult listening situations rather than to be an alternative to the more sophisticated technology and programming capabilities of hearing aids.  They offer a meaningful alternative for those who are not quite ready for hearing aids.

At DWM Audiology, we can provide off-the-shelf hearables – both earbuds and headphones – to suit your situation.

Choosing the Right Earplug for You

There are many different types of earplugs available.  At DWM Audiology, we can custom make or provide you with the best off-the-shelf earplug to suit your environment, lifestyle and budget.

We specialise in custom fitting earplugs.  This involves making an impression or mould of your ear and creating a pair of reusable earplugs that exactly match the shape of your ear.  This ensures they are comfortable and fit securely in your ears.

Earplugs for Sleeping

Many people have difficulty sleeping due to a snoring partner, living in a noisy environment, working shift hours, hearing intrusive and annoying sounds like barking dogs, or hearing unfamiliar noises while travelling.  Poor sleep patterns and disrupted sleep can have significant consequences for your health and long term well-being.  Being able to detach from your auditory environment can be highly conducive to deeper and more refreshing sleep.

The custom sleep plugs we provide are made from a soft silicone material and are specially designed for comfort while sleeping.  They reduce noises like snoring and traffic noise substantially but allow you to still be able to hear an alarm clock or smoke alarm.  Unlike foam plugs, these earplugs are secure and don’t wriggle their way out of your ears while sleeping. 

Earplugs for Swimming

Custom-made swimmer’s earplugs are designed to stop water getting into the ear while swimming at or near the surface of the water, and will protect the ears from water-borne bacteria. 

They are the most effective way to provide protection for people of all ages, including children, who are vulnerable to ear infections or who have been fitted with ventilation (grommet) tubes in their ears. They will not be effective if they are used 20 cm or more below the surface of the water, in rough surf, for diving, skin diving or vigorous water sports.

These ear plugs are made from soft silicone material for maximum comfort.  While they are secure in the ears when correctly inserted, they will float so you won’t lose them in the water.  Swim plugs come in a wide variety of colours.  They are available with or without handles and a neck cord to keep them together as a pair.

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